Phil Suter

'Within each artistic expression I aim to capture a sense of place, memory and spirit'.

About Phil Suter

Leviathan of the South - Phil Suter

Fine Art

Phil Suter was born in Hong Kong of White Russian parentage, adopted and brought up in China then Canada. He was formally trained at the Art Centre College of Design in Los Angeles and later migrated to Australia, ultimately settling in Melbourne, Australia. 

He is dedicated to producing Fine Art which he considers to be his most natural form of expression, exhibiting work to a wider audience while gaining a deeper understanding of himself through his work. 

His sense of sharp observation and subtle surrealism permeates throughout all of his visuals.  

Grubby Stubbs - Phil Suter

A Contemporary Realist

Phil has worked on many commissioned pieces and his clients enjoy their highly customised portraits as well as his professional approach. 

Although he does not restrict himself to any particular theme, he is attracted to subjects which hold a history and a past, and which are of cultural significance to their local communities. 

Sons of Ballarat - Phil Suter

Visual Narrative

Phil's military themed portrait of a Gallipoli survivor, entitled ‘Son Of Ballarat’, is now on permanent exhibition at the Ballarat Gold Museum in Victoria.  

His intention behind this portrait is for the portrait itself to ‘speak’ directly to the viewer through a visual narrative using the subject’s own words and reflecting his actual experiences during and after Gallipoli.  

The Mill of Mystery - Phil Suter

Buildings and Streetscape

Buildings and streetscapes full of local culture and public appeal hold special meaning to Phil. Attracted to the look and original function of older buildings and structures, he appreciates that they hold a special significance to their local communities, with each of these buildings gaining new life and purpose as new generations refurbish each one to suit contemporary living. 

As an artist, Phil wishes to commemorate these as he feels that their stories might be otherwise left untold and ultimately lost.  

SS Casino Returns - Phil Suter

Maritime Art

Phil's maritime art also reflects this philosophy as his commissioned SS Casino paintings were faithful recreations of a ship which sank at Apollo Bay Victoria in 1932.  

This event was devastating to the local community as they depended on this ship to bring them much needed supplies during that time and only the locals and maritime enthusiasts were aware of the fate of this vessel.   

Australian Double Drummer - Phil Suter

Natural History Art

Phil's Natural History art, which includes many large scale depictions of insects, including the ‘Australian Double Drummer’ painting (an Australian cicada) are ‘like a world unto themselves that most people don’t take much notice of’. He enjoys upscaling them to large canvases so that their amazing colours, shapes and structures are brought to the viewer’s attention. 

They are also a reflection of his love of intricacy, detail and of the unique shapes found in nature.